As we announce new games we'll post press releases here. Until then... Coming soon!


Looking for usable Alpaca Space Lab logos? Here's the download link: presskit_alpaca_space_lab

Need another kind of logo file or format? Send email to ivan ]at[ alpacaspacelab ]dot[ com


Here are some basic guidelines for the Alpaca Space Lab logo.

Proper use of the Alpaca Space Lab Logo. The following is acceptable logo usage:

White Background

Logo on white is default

Black Background

The logo works on any solid color

Spacing around logo

Give proper breathing room around logo

Improper use of the Alpaca Space Lab Logo. Please avoid doing the following:

Do not poorly recompress

We all love image compression but too much is bad

Avoid messy backgrounds

Do not obscure the logo

Do not crop

Ensure logo has even space all around