Our mission is to create fun, silly and educational games and apps that utilize incidental learning and quick production pipelines across multiple platforms (mobile, pc, console).


Its a silly name combination isn't it? It speaks to our interests. Here's the break down:

  • Alpaca - a member of the Camelid family, relative to the South American Guanaco, Llama and Vicuna. This makes reference our roots, love of nature and the environment.
  • Space - Vast, mysterious and commonly associated with the future.
  • Lab - Experimenting, iterating, asking questions, hypothesizing and looking for solutions is all part of what makes video game and entertainment experience development fun :D


  • Late 2019 - Our sixth game Dinosaur Out Runners released
  • September 2019 - Our fifth game Leda Res released
  • January 2018 - Our fourth game Stealth Doggo released
  • Summer 2017 - Two pixel art games begin development
  • Summer 2016 - Updates to DinoWalkSim begin development
  • January 2016 - Our third game Escape Force released in early access
  • December 2015 - Our second game Squirrel Away released across different app stores
  • November 2015 - Escape Force enters production
  • October 2015 - Squirrel Away enters production
  • August - September 2015 - 3 games in development, updates for DinoWalkSim, while Squirrel Away and Escape Force in pre-production
  • July 2015 - Our first game Dino Walk Simulator released across different app stores
  • June 2015 - Development continues
  • May 2015 - Dino Walk Simulator enters production
  • April 2015 - Begin concept phase for next title
  • April 2015 - Started work on first title: Dino Walk Simulator
  • April 2015 - Founded company


We have over 10 years experience in the video game industry working on social, mobile, browser and PC/console games.


We take your privacy seriously. Please see our privacy policy page.